Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications services (support, upgrading and maintenance of telecom networks, national/international Gateway Management, telecom security, migration to 4G (LTE) and 5G, A2P & P2P SMS monetization data and voice, virtual communications, USSD, RBT, IN, Value-Added Services, high-speed Internet broadband and wired networks, E-wallet, etc.)


Integrated software

Developing integrated solutions especially custom-designed to meet government and private sector’s needs, and using partner companies to build and maintain highest-quality websites.

High Speed

Internet Service

High-speed internet service ISP, website development and hosting through cloud services, and Unified Communications.


Information Networks

Information  networks  (network  infrastructure  design), preparation, implementation and technical support for various types and equipment of communication networks  and  data  centers,  designing, equipping, implementing and providing integrated technical support programs and  equipment  (servers,  networks, cyber security and Firewall, electrical, information  security).


Energy Solutions

Energy solutions, solar energy systems  and  energy  storage systems, especially related to (SPU) Telecommunications .


Security & Surveillance

Security and safety Surveillance, & various Security systems & solutions.

Avant-garde Smart digital systems for homes, offices,hotels and commercial markets ELV systems.

GIS system for determining and analyzing geographical

Enterprise Intercom



Enterprise  intercom  and  video conferencing systems (IP-PBX & video conferencing).


Governance of

Information systems

Management, strategy, and governance of information systems and Institutional security, and application of ISO quality telecom management systems.

Studies &

Training Courses

Feasibility studies,consultations and  project management, and administering specialized training courses.

Marketing &

Selling Products

Marketing, selling products, systems, no solutions and consultations behalf of international specialized firms in telecom and energy.


Technical Services

Specialized technical services for MNOs .



SW/HW Development of mobile solutions and applications (Android & IOS applications).